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5 lb Memory Foam Toppers

5 lb Memory Foam Toppers

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Twin - $279
Twin XL - $299
Full - $389
Queen - $469
Eastern King - $569
Cal King - $569
Split E King - $569

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Our 5 lb density memory foam toppers are our most popular and mark the industry standard in pressure relief.  5 lb density tends to be the “sweet-spot” for most people and we recommend it for anyone who wants the full benefits of memory foam without paying the price for an entire mattress.  This topper is excellent for everyday use, travel, or offering guests the utmost in sleep quality. Each 5 lb memory foam topper includes a 90-day sleep trial and a 10-year warranty!

We recommend 2” toppers for children or slender people.  A 3” topper is suggested for individuals of average build and is the most popular of the sizes.  We advise 4” toppers for larger people or those looking for the maximum pressure relief in memory foam toppers.


COOL-TEK Technology allows for maximum heat dissipation so you never have to worry about getting hot or sticky at night.  You’ll experience savings of over 50% when you compare to a Tempur-pedic overlay!
•    100% NASA developed Memory Foam
•    5 lb Memory Foam Density
•    Compare to Tempur-Pedic Overlay
•    COOL-TEK Technology
•    Cut to Fit your Mattress
•    10 Year Warranty
•    90 Day Free Trial
•    Made in the USA

The reason why’s toppers are the most popular on the Internet is due to their performance and the trust we’ve established with our customers. We use open-cell, viscoelastic memory foam in all of our toppers, with ECO-CELL HD™ Foam in the 6 lb density. We refuse to use any cheap fillers or substitutes in our toppers and all products are manufactured in the United States. The 5 lb density will offer quality sleep for over 10 years; reducing back-pain, tossing-and-turning, and other common sleep ailments.


Another feature of memory foam to consider is firmness, which is measured on the ILD scale. All of our memory foam toppers measure between 12-13 ILD, which has proven to be the most effective and comfortable for most people. When you first lie down on a mattress topper you’ll instantly feel the conforming relief of memory foam.


We believe in giving our customers what they pay for, which is why our toppers are not the cheapest on the Internet. Many other companies will offer cheaper prices and then send lower density memory foam toppers. We encourage our customers to weigh the toppers they receive to be sure they received the correct density.


Our memory foam is less temperature sensitive than other leading brands due to our COOL-TEK Technology. This technology allows for better airflow through the cells of memory foam, and retains the topper’s consistency better in hot or cold environments.

Soy-Based Foam is Durable, Clean, and Environmentally Sound

With both the planet and the end-user in mind, has taken the initiative to create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable way of building memory foam products. All of our toppers are made with foam derived from the Soy Plant. This next-generation technology not only outperforms traditional foam derived from petroleum byproducts, but also produces less waste. You may also avoid the noxious smell associated with new foam.


The 5 lb memory foam topper comes with a 10-year limited warranty. You can try this topper risk-free in your home for 90 days. Should you decide it is not for you, you may mail it back for a full refund.

You can choose to include a breathable CoolMax zippered cover with your purchase of a memory foam topper. Combined with our COOL-TEK memory foam technology, the cover helps keep you cool and comfortable and is machine washable. If you are using your memory foam topper on a mattress it is not necessary to purchase a cover. However, if it is going to be used as a standalone item, it is recommended.