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The Progressive-Ergo™ Adjustable Bed

  • Whisper Quiet, ultra-powerful DC Motor

  • Wall Hugging Action
  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame and Rail Construction
  • Up to 850 lb weight limit

The Progressive-Ergo™ Adjustable Bed breathtaking beauty is surpassed only by its engineering soundness. This is the first adjustable bed ever to be designed to completely blend in with your bedroom set; nobody will know that it adjusts until you move the wall-hugging head or foot up.  The powder-coated steel frame and the entire slide system were developed by a former Race Car engineer. The end result is the strongest, safest, best looking, most quiet operating adjustable bed in the world. For a limited time is offering a Free Trial on the Progressive-Ergo™ Adjustable Bed.

The Progressive-Ergo™ System uses powerful DC motors that silently lift up to 850 pounds. Years of research and development went into the drive train of our adjustable bed.  The Head of the bed raises to an impressive 55 degrees, while the foot moves to 35 degrees. We’ve employed a safety feature that senses when something is behind or beneath the bed, and will not allow the bed to go down, ensuring the safety of pets and children. Of equal importance, if the power goes out, the Progressive-Ergo™ bed stores enough energy to return to the flat position.

Our ECO-CELL™ and ECO-CELL HD™ Mattress Collections were designed to create just the right feel from the 6-way massage feature of the Progressive-Ergo™ System. Imagine lying at an incline, lounging in bed watching your favorite TV show, all while being quietly massaged at the intensity of your choice.

The SMART TOUCH™ Remote is an advanced, backlit wireless remote.  There are multiple preset positions, including the Zero Gravity button, which puts the body in a position that minimizes the work of your heart and gives a feeling of weightlessness. The SMART TOUCH™ Remote also operates the massage feature, and includes a timer you can activate to turn off the massage feature; this feature is wildly popular, as many people have grown accustomed to falling asleep with the massage feature on.

When compared to the Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed, the Progressive-Ergo™ Adjustable Bed looks better, runs smoother, is stronger, has the same amount of features, and is safer. To prove this, we offer a 90 day no-hassle trial period; Tempur-Pedic Does Not.

It is important to note that warranty this bed for 20 years. If anything breaks in the first two years, not only do we cover the cost of parts, we cover the cost of the handyman that will rush to your house to fix the bed.  We have the strongest warranty in the industry.

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 Features of the Progressive-Ergo™ Adjustable Bed
•    Impeccable Design looks like standard foundation in down position
•    Whisper Quiet, ultra-powerful DC Motor
•    Wall Hugging Action
•    Powder-Coated Steel Frame and Rail Construction
•    Up to 850 lb weight limit
•    Advanced 6-way Massage System
•    SMART TOUCH™ Wireless Remote with preset positions
•    Zero Gravity Position
•    Safety Features keep children and pets safe
•    May Be Used on Slats
•    Leg Extenders available

The SMART TOUCH™ Remote is a step forward in adjustable bed technology. With advanced preset positions, backlit buttons, and operates the 6-way massage feature. It is wireless and runs on AAA batteries, but is available in a wired format for those seeking that.


The Progressive-Ergo™ Adjustable Bed is superior in quality when compared to the Tempur-Pedic Ergo-Adjustable. View the charts below for a direct price comparison. Notice Tempur-Pedic will not allow you to return their adjustable bed.


Price comparison


Feature comparison

90 Day In-Home Sleep Trial
•    You have 90 days from the date of purchase to try the adjustable bed out. Return the bed (approx $180 Shipping Cost) for a full refund.

20 Year Limited Warranty
•    20 Year Limited Warranty
•    2 Years of 100% Parts and Labor
•    5 Year 100% Parts
•    Years 6-20: Cover 50% of the replacements parts cost
•    Covers Normal Wear and Tear
•    Non-Transferable