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Memory Foam Mattresses vs. Latex Foam Mattresses. Which is Better?
Dec 13 2011 0

When you start looking into higher quality mattresses that will give you a better nights sleep, you will probably discover that you have a lot of options. Today, memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers come in a variety of weights and sizes, giving you inexpensive as well as top of the line choices. Many people are now also looking into latex foam mattresses as a substitute for memory foam mattresses. There are many pros and cons to latex mattresses, and depending on the quality they can be incredibly comfortable. But nothing provides the consistent relief from aches and pains the way that memory foam does.

Tests have shown that memory foam is consistently just a little more comfortable than latex mattresses. The benefits of latex are many, including the fact that latex is more environmentally friendly and healthier for you if you compare natural latex to petroleum based memory foam. Latex is also the most durable type of mattress out there. A latex mattress can last 15 years or more. But the bottom line for many people who are looking for a memory foam or latex mattress is that they want to be more comfortable. If you suffer from joint pain, arthritis, or rheumatism, memory foam is probably still best for you. If you are simply looking for an upgrade from your old mattress, you might find latex is comfortable enough.

Memory foam mattresses are still the leader in the industry, but latex technology is catching up fast. You may find that the eco-friendly appeal of latex outweighs any difference in comfort, as you will still get a good nights sleep with latex. Just don’t be fooled when you are told latex is always natural, because synthetic latex is also very common and doesn’t provide the eco-friendly or health benefits.

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