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What’s the ILD Scale for Memory Foam?
Nov 15 2011 0

The ILD (Indention Load Deflection) for any type of foam mattress is a relative rating of firmness.  Although this may be one of the factors in choosing a mattress, with memory foam it is not firmness alone that determines comfort.

Memory foam is more comfortable because it contours to your body, offering support in some places and condensing in other places.  On a regular mattress, parts of the body that take the most pressure during sleep become inflamed and tense.  Whether a pillow, a mattress topper or a full mattress, the ILD of memory foam can be factored in with the support structure underneath to gauge what is right for you.  Scale ratings for memory foam will be lower than standard foam (10-16) but to some degree it is comparing apples and oranges.

While memory foam may have a lower ILD than standard foam, it also has a different cell structure, with different density, and does not simply support your body weight, but adjusts to your shape.  It was initially developed by NASA for seats and beds in space to provide maximum comfort for astronauts.  Memory Foam’s ECO-CELL™ viscoelastic memory foam is a natural, state of the art memory foam that offers unparalleled support and pressure relief.  Brand new to our lineup is ECO-CELL HD™, a higher density version of our popular ECO-CELL™ formula that is the ultimate pressure-relieving foam.

Choosing a high quality mattress involves a number of factors and Memory Foam offers a choice based not only on ILD, but overall comfort and support.  All this at savings up to 60%, and memory foam is an easy choice.  Add to that our 90 day in house risk free trial and free shipping and there is no comparison with any other products on the market.

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